Fun Hypoallergenic Party Earrings, Printables, and Wine Decor for Wine Divas, Cocktail Lovers, and the Holiday Obsessed.🍷🍹

Cheerful Spirit sells hypoallergenic party earrings and festive gifts that give you a sprinkle of sparkle wherever you go.

You’re the one that brightens a room, brings the party to life and celebrates the everyday with style. Earrings, accessories and gifts that celebrate your spirit and noticeably optimistic charm make you happy and smile big.

I’m Jenn, the owner of Cheerful Spirit. Like you I’m a busy and happy lady. As a mom, daughter and friend, I want nothing more than to bring cheer and laughter into the world of the people I love.

But let’s face it, these days it feels harder than ever to find that little bit of added sparkle.

Plus, who has a ton of time, lots of extra money? To top it all off, what if you just want to wear a pair of super fun earrings, but your ears are super-sensitive and gurrrlll those lobes? They are burning and throbbing after an hour of wearing a cute pair!

This is exactly why I began creating my own hypoallergenic jewelry—metal allergies have nothing on my cheerful spirit!

After lots of trial and error, I created earrings that do not hurt my ears. I learned it’s simply a matter of finding materials that are compatible with our bodies and do not react.

Cheerful Spirit began with one-of-a-kind patented Christmas trees in wine bottles in 2016. These bottle centerpieces will be available in the shop from October-December.
Fast forward to 2020 and I knew I needed to offer more cheer in my shop all year round.

So I sold masks, printables, downloads, jewelry, bottle centerpieces and more! Happy customer feedback truly got me through each day. (Along with a glass of wine!) 🍷😉

This year I decided to bring these hypoallergenic earrings to Cheerful Spirit while keeping the fun and festive wine and cocktail theme.

My goal is for you to be able to wear these earrings so that you can feel good and add sparkle to your spirit and step.

My promise to you is that you will always know exactly what each earring is made of and each pair will come in Cheerful Spirit’s signature round box with a fun message for you (or the person you gift them to!).

I put my heart and festive soul into each item I create and I hope they bring cheer and laughter to your world too! ❤️🌎


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